Artist management

We have an artist manager who is a musician and band advisor. We can manage an artist for your brand. We can manage the artist you need.

Coordinating the artist team, overseeing the complex legal framework, and keeping track of everything from social media and radio spins to cash flow and revenue sharing is the routine that accompanies any successful music project. However, when it comes to day-to-day care, managers need to focus on the stars: building relationships, anticipating problems, and developing long-term strategies.

Working closely with all parts of the industry, they must be “fluent” in the music business, more so than any of their associates. Managing an artist means juggling dozens of hats at once, and that’s what makes it interesting and sophisticated. That’s why we decided to dedicate this article to our series on how the music industry works in the fine art of artist management. 

The various functions of the manager can be divided into the following sections:

  • Gatekeeper and spokesman
  • Team Architect
  • Artistic director
  • Administrator

What does an artist manager do?

Managers play a unique role in the life of an artist. All other partners benefit from isolated elements of the artist’s cash flow: the agent will not make money from streaming, and the publisher will not profit from ticket sales. Managers, on the other hand, earn a fixed percentage of the income of all artists. Contracts are structured that way for a reason: the influence of managers on artists’ careers is enormous, and that requires a complete alignment of interests.

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