Event Management

We will Provide Event Management for any service provided in relation to planning, promotion, organizing, or presentation of any arts, or entertainment and includes any consultation provided in this regard.

World Entertainment is the best event management company in Bangladesh. We are award-winning event planners in Bangladesh. We have 15 years of experience in organizing corporate events, conferences, and seminars, organizing exhibitions, manufacturing exhibition stands, brand activation events, ATL and BTL activities, and product launch events in Bangladesh.

World Entertainment Dhaka Rank #1 Event Planner Dhaka Bangladesh is one of the best event management companies in Bangladesh. Infinite Events specializes in seamless and fantastic event planning. Our team is qualified and experienced in conferences, brand activation events, exhibition organization, product launch events, and exhibition stand manufacturing in Bangladesh.

As a professional event planning service provider, we manage corporate events, organize seminars and conferences, organize concerts and fashion shows, celebrity management, and digital influencer management agency.

Infinite Events – A corporate event management company, also known as trade show and conference organizer and sporting event management. At event management agency services, we offer event planning services including event themes, event coordination, décor and styling, wedding planning, entertainment, and venue sourcing. These are some of the services we offer as an event management agency in Bangladesh.

Event management is the process of creating and running corporate or personal events. Such as conferences, festivals, ceremonies, corporate parties, band performances, BTL activities, concerts, weddings, formal parties, or conferences. It is about researching the band and identifying the target audience, creating an event concept, and adjusting the technical aspects before the event starts.

As professional event managers, we help our clients plan and execute small or large-scale events. We take responsibility for the creative, technical, and logistical components. These include overall event design, scriptwriting, logistics, budgeting, discussion, audiovisual production, marketing and communication techniques, branding, and customer service:


Corporate Event Management:

Corporate event management includes corporate team building, corporate awards events, corporate holiday celebration events, corporate seminars, and educational events, corporate charities. As a Bangladesh Corporate Event Management Company, we have Conferences, Seminars, Team Building Events, Press Conferences, Business/Corporate Dinners, Shareholders/Corporate Board Meetings, Year & Function, Trade Shows/Exhibitions, Corporate Golf Day, round trips, product launch, executive retreat event. We provide all the logistics for a corporate event, including the design and printing of banners and illuminated signs, rental of billboards, rental of audiovisual equipment, LED screens, video and photography services, live broadcast equipment, and rental of sound systems. and stage/scenography design, event. In-house services, etc. We specialize in promotion, roadshows, gallop activations, distributors, customer/vendor interaction programs, commerce, retailer meetings, staff programs, merchandising, in-store promotions, and BTL activities.


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