Film and TV Video Production

Here services we work for pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution of single media or multimedia entertainment content for distribution to the general public.

In a world full of screens, video content is always the right answer. The best answer is to create great video content. As a full-service video production company, we offer services at all stages of the project:



Assisting all the way

doing our best- Format development (intellectual and conceptual expansion)

– Planning (project management, additional content, and advice, development of communication concepts, screen design)

– Editing (production of a script, online and offline editing, storyboard development, and organization)

– Coordination and perception (pre-production planning, hiring, filming, filming, wireframe, animation, post-production)

– Acquisition of cooperative partners and, where appropriate, sponsors



The perfect Video for your needs

For maximum force in achieving your goals, you first need the proper content in the proper format.


The image of your business that others have must be produced by you. Or better yet: produced by us. We help you with the script development phase, advise you on branding and design issues, and create a prime-time quality movie for you.


Explanatory videos of your product. Depending on the type of product and the target group, a well-made video can be the difference between success and failure. If you think your product needs a little boost, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Multiply your return on investment in a great event. We capture the glamor and significance of your event through our cameras and from that we create videos for a variety of purposes such as employer branding, commercials, and promotional films.


Do you want to sell a service that needs explanation or explain a complicated process? Then use the functionality of the graphical presentation. Important statements are given extra weight when combined with visuals. Explainer videos are known purveyors of the “aha” effect.

Trade Fair

Your trade show booth can be a great attraction. After all, people can’t help but watch when they have something to look forward to. So offer a believable video to your booth viewers. This could be a product video or a multi-screen video installation. Benefit from the design strength of our team; We are happy to manufacture for you.

Sports Content

Somewhere we are not close. Our staff has been creating on-air promotions for live Bundesliga football for many years. We make it possible to feel all the fascination of sport on small and large screens. And we tell you some episodes of world champions in a private conversation.

TV Trailer

Claiming the brutal skill of the TV trailer. Compressing 90-minute shows into 30 seconds requires amazing perspectives and sometimes entirely new stories. From design to editing, when it comes to us, you can expect excellence as creatives and craftsmen. We have already manufactured more than 1000 trailers.

TV commercials

Advertising? No problem! We know what works on the TV screen and we create high-quality ads for advertising agencies and branding companies.

Business TV / News / Corporate TV

For large companies, corporate television is an effective means of internal communication. Are you planning to fly long-term? Talk to us about our comprehensive advice! Whether you want to go digital signage or set up your own broadcast studio, with our design and production expertise, we can help you on your way to success.

Branded content

We help you integrate your brand or product in the production of professional programs. Use our good connections in the television and media industry and benefit from our extensive production experience.

Recruitment & employer branding

Support your human resources department with recruiting videos. It allows visitors to experience your corporate culture and attract candidates that match your company. Also, you are usually more interested in a video, especially a younger target group.