One of the sources of entertainment that has more followers is the cinema. From the beginning, the attention of the spectators was won and with the passing of time and the exponential growth that has led the film industry they have capitalized very well their spectator audience. It has a lot to offer the public, not in vain they have tried to improve their productions and have become a rich creative source from which endless films emerge year after year, for all tastes from the simplest to the most exquisite.

Another reason why they prefer cinema is because of the number of genres that the industry offers, since there is something for everyone, drama, horror, suspense, fantasy, comedy, love, science fiction, erotic, pornographic, children, comics, action, musicals, suspense, melodrama, war, historical, documentary, western, catastrophe cinema; You just have to choose which movie and genre of our preference and enjoy! We cannot forget the independent cinema, whose low-budget productions tell stories and develop themes that are related to our daily lives and therefore have a specific audience that likes them.

The cinema is also one of the easiest arts to enjoy, you can choose a movie to watch after a hard day at work, any day of the week, go to a film festival and the best thing is that you enjoy yourself, as a couple or accompanied with friends and family. There is cinema throughout the year, even when there are seasons where demand is greatest, the fact of being available 365 days a year is a tremendous advantage for the industry and for the spectators.

This art also promotes in the viewer the development of his creativity and imagination, allows him to clear his mind and open his senses to other experiences. Another important element is that its contents, often of historical or social interest that could be foreign to many, reach all parts of the world and constitute an important means of transmitting knowledge, culture and history.


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